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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (Condition for usage) indicate the terms on which our Website – Builders Internet Corp SRL – can be used as a visitor or as a registered user. The Website is offered by Builders Internet Corp SRL, with its main offices in Bucharest, 2nd district, Matei Voievod Road, nr. 29, 3rd floor, registered in the Trade Register by Bucharest Courts, nr J40/12859/17.10.2013, CUI 32367731 (generally named “E-Redus/we/us/ours”).

“The Website” represents all our websites and co-branded websites offered by E-Redus.ro, including but not limited to www.e-redus.ro

The Website offers the following and more: (a) all serviced provided by or through the Website (“Services”); (b) all software offers and available apps on or through the Website (“Software Resources”); and (c) the web pages, data, text, imagines, photographs, graphics, audio and video resources, documents included, but not limited to offers and coupons, marketing materials, press communications, data concerning the products, recipes, remedies and other information with content available/uploaded on or through the Website (“the Content”).

We ask you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions prior to using the Website. By accessing or using the Website you indicate that you have accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and that you agree to respect them. The terms and extra conditions can be applied to certain areas of the Website or to certain forms of content or regional transactions specific to the Website, and together with these Conditions, the govern the way you use the respective areas, forms of content or transactions.



We reserve the right to alter the present Terms and Conditions at any moment by bringing modifications to this page. You are asked to check this page regularly to be aware of any operated modification as these are employed by you. Using the Website after such modifications are made represents your consent with regard to respecting and committing to the Terms and Conditions as they have been changed. The last date when the present Terms and Conditions have been altered is indicated at the bottom of this page.


The access to the Website is temporary and we reserve the right to withdraw or change the Services we provide on or through the Website or the Content of the Website in any moment, without prior notification. We do not warrant that the Website is available to be used in your area, and references to the Services on the Website do not imply that the Services will be available and/or that they will be available in your location. As it proves necessary, it is possible to suspend access to certain or all the sections of the Website or to shut it down indefinitely. We will be obliged to carry out routine maintenance services for the servers and our equipment at certain periods of time. Although we will try to keep the maintenance intervals to a minimum, we can’t guarantee that the Website will be available continuously online. We are not to be held responsible if, for any reason, the Website is not available at a certain point for however long a period of time.

We have the right, but not the obligation to monitor any activity occurring on the Website. It is possible to investigate any violation with regard to our politics and the complaints received from our users and to take any measures we find appropriate at any moment, including but not limited to suspension or termination of your access to use the Website or any other applicable Services, Software Resources and/or Contents.


You have the possibility to sign up using E-Redus.ro. The access and using of secure E-redus.ro sections or of those protected with a password are exclusively limited to registered user. If you are a registered user of E-Redus.ro, you give your consent to always provide exact information to the Service and to marketing people, clients and partners. Each user can register with only one membership account.

In order to be authorized, you will be solicited to identify using a username and password which must be considered confidential. In order to avoid any uncertainties, each individual authenticity using the correct username and password will grant full access to the respective account, and the owner of the account has the sole responsibility to make sure that this information is not revealed to a third party. You agree to promptly inform us with regard to any unauthorized access to your password or your account.

We have the right to delete the password, regardless if it is chosen by you or provided by us, in any moment, if, as far as we are concerned, you have not respected any of the articles in the present Terms and Conditions.

You will make sure your personal profile is updated and exact. You express your consent to promptly notify the Service with regard to any changing in your address (postal or e-mail) or your personal profile by updating personal information from the My Account section of E-redus.ro

To register on E-Redus.ro you must be at least 14 years old.


Accepting the coupons and printed offers on the Website from our partner stores is at the discretion of our marketing people and/or their retailers. Our marketing people and/or their retailers have the right to reject any offer. We cannot guarantee that all the offers will be honored in the retail shops. Each offer will be exclusively honored once, per person. Any change in honoring the offers presented on the Website will be specifically communicated with each campaign. By printing these coupons you express your consent to the terms and conditions imprinted on the coupons. We ask you to keep in mind that all coupons are exclusively available in Romania, being null and void in unaccepted locations.

Printing the coupons is condition by installing the “Print Coupon” software on your computer/device; this software is governed by separate terms and conditions of use.

The general conditions to carry out each campaign which is active on the website are detailed in the text section included on each coupon, as it appears when you print them – as a printed coupon which can be used in our partner stores with the purpose of benefiting from suggested/accepted discounts by our marketing people and/or their retailers.

The mentions which are listed below will be found on each printed coupon. According to the campaign, the specific details for carrying out the offer can differ and these will be included on each coupon.

This coupon can be used as partial/integral payment when purchasing the product. Only one coupon can be used for a purchasing. This coupon cannot be used in connection to another offer. We ask you not to try to use the coupon for purchasing a different product, thus preventing a rejection which can cause embarrassment and delay when you make the payment. The coupon is considered null if it is counterfeited, changed or expired. The coupons cannot be sold, transferred or put out for auction. This coupon is available until the date specified on the upper part of the coupon. The discount makes the object of the conditions mentioned on each coupon and detailed on the E-Redus.ro website. Purchasing the product through the coupon is done for the available products from the store where it is used. THE COUPONS ARE UNIQUE AND THEIR CIRCUIT CAN BE TRACKED – ANY ATTEMPT TO COUTERFEIT THEM WILL BE DETECTED.

Each coupon includes the following information:

The image of the product which is the object of the campaign;

The name of the product which will be the object of the coupon campaign;

The type of product and its weight;

The available discount;

The shelf life of the coupon campaign;

The store-chain or the store-chains where the coupons will be accepted at the register.

The discount which is offered for each coupon, as well as the shelf life of the coupons differs for each campaign, these being settled by our marketing representatives and/or their retailers.


The whole Content is provided on or through the Website for exclusively informational purposes and it must not be interpreted in the way that such Content is deemed by us to be effective or safe to be used by you. Please always consult your family doctor with regard to the state of your health or your medical condition, prior to using any medical product promoted on the Website.


We are the owners of all property rights over the Content, the Website ant he material which are published on the Website. The intellectual property rights are protected by the current law regarding property laws and treaties from all over the world and they belong to Builders Internet Corp SRL. SRL and/or to the clients, partners, affiliates, collaborates or third parties. All these rights are reserved.

Our status (and that of our identified collaborates) as author of the Content from the Website must be always confirmed.

If you extract, copy or download any section of the website or the Content, thus violating these Terms and Conditions, your right to use the Website will immediately stop and, by your choosing, you must return or destroy any copy of the Content.


The Website provides links to websites which belong to third parties or information which are exclusively provided to facilitate your using. If you choose to use these links, you will leave the Website and you will be subjected to the terms and conditions and privacy policies applicable on those respective websites. These links do not represent or they do not represent our approval, sponsoring or recommendation of each third party, of the website of the third party or of the information contained in the respective website. We are not responsible with regard to the availability of any such website. We do not have control over the content of the respective website or over their resources and we do not take any responsibilities to these or the prejudices which can occur as a result of using them.


You must not use the Website in an inappropriate manner or try to interfere with the Services provided to any user, any host or network by unknowingly introducing viruses, Trojan horses, cybernetic worms, logical bombs or other harmful materials, technically speaking. You must not try to obtain unauthorized access to the Website, the server on which the Website is saved or any other server, computer or database connected to the Website or to any other E-Redus.ro network or system. You must not attack the Website so that it becomes unavailable through a singular or distributed attack (denial-of-service attack or distributed-denial-of-service attack).

You express your consent not to use any automatic (robotic) software program or spider-program or any other kind of automatic means of accessing or using the Website or any other network or system we own.

By violating this respect you would commit a penal crime, according to the Law regarding the inappropriate use of computers. We will report any such violation to competent authorities to enforce the law and we will collaborate with the said authorities, by revealing your identity to them. In case of such violation, your right to use the Website will cease immediately.

We will not be responsible for any loss or prejudice caused by an attack of distributed-denial-of-service, viruses or other harmful materials, from a technological point of view, which can infect your computer, the computer software, data, or other materials which are your property as a result of using the Website or downloading any material posted on the Website or on any other website which is connected to it.


You process information regarding you according to our Confidentiality Policy. By using the Website you give your consent with regard to our processing the information and you guarantee that all provided data is accurate.


These Terms and Conditions, as well as any other dispute or request derived from or connected to them or their object or the way they are laid out (including non-contractual disputes or requests) will be governed by and interpreted according to the laws in Romania.

The Romanian courts of justice will hold exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or request connected to these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, your using the Website, the Services and/or the Content, although we reserve the right to initiate procedures against you with regard to violating these Terms and Conditions in your country or your residence or any other relevant country.


Copyright 2014 Builders Internet Corp SRL. All rights expressly reserved.


Should you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions, we ask you to contact E-Redus.ro from “contact” or by sending a letter to:

Builders Internet Corp SRL

Bucharest, 2nd district, Matei Voievod road, nr29

CUI 32367731