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Privacy and Security Policy

The Privacy and Security Policy applies to www.e-redus.ro as it is presented in the following paragraphs.

We acknowledge and respect the importance of protecting the personal information (name, address, e-mail address, phone number) you provide. This is the reason why we created the present Privacy and Security Policy, so that you are familiar with the way in which we collect, manage and reveal the personal information you reveal through the www.e-redus.ro website. By registering your personal information on the website you offer your consent with regard to the way in which we collect, manage and reveal them.

We reserve the right to improve or modify the present Privacy and Security Policy anything and as an answer to the changes brought about by the applicable laws of confidentiality and data protection. The present Privacy and Security Policy can be modified at any time, in any way and with no prior notification.

Collecting and using personal information

We collect the personal information which you provide when you:

  • Visit the website or log into it or benefit from other facilities which we make available to you through www.e-redus.ro;

  • You sign up or you register to become a Partner for the Direct Deal service;

  • You purchase, order, return, exchange or demand certain information about our products and services;

  • You contact our call-center or the customers’ office;

  • You participate in a contest or promotion or you answer to our surveys or you send us suggestions and commentaries.

These may include the name/title, address/headquarters, phone number, e-mail address and other basic information.

All this information will be withhold by www.E-redus.ro using appropriate security measures to ensure the highest standard of security, in an integrated and confidential manner.

By registering your details on the website, you give your consent so that we can contact you via e-mail, postal address or phone services, with relevant information regarding the services on our website.

We do not sell nor do we rent data which help identify a person, a third party. We cannot assure you that your personal data will never be revealed in other ways that those described by us in our Privacy Policy, and this because of the existing legislative system. For example (without limiting what has been mentioned before) we may be forced to reveal certain information to the Government or to some third parties in certain circumstances, or there may be occasions on which a third party may illegally intercept or access private transmissions or conversations.

Personal Data Protection

According to law nr 677/2001 regarding to processing data with personal character and the free circulation of this data and to Law nr. 506/2004 regarding processing personal data and the protection of private life in the area of electronic communications, SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL, the owner of www.e-redus.ro, will safely manage the personal data which you have provided only for the specified purposes. We inform you that the personal information which you provide are managed with the purpose of offering you optimal conditions for internet services, for services of providing goods and services and the marketing and publicity services, and statistics.

The moment you create the account you have the possibility to choose to receiving information about the products, services, events etc. offered by www.e-redus.ro by checking the box corresponding to the signing-up page.

SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL will be able to transmit to the third parties some of the data you provided only if the purpose of this transfer is mentioned and with your prior, explicitly asked for assent.

In accordance with law 677/2001 you benefit from the right of accessing and data intervention, the right not to be subjected to an individual decision and the right to address a court of justice. Moreover, you have the right to oppose to our processing the personal data which concerns you and to solicit that we delete it. You agree that deleting your persona data will be followed by deleting your account from the system and the impossibility to access the www.e-redus.ro service.

SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL is a personal data operator registered in the register of processing personal that under the 33029th entry.

Shipping via www.e-redus.ro

The moment you purchase products and services through our website, you have more than one method to pay.

If the payment is done using a credit/debit card, after you launch the online order we can store information to have records of the products you bought, to process your order, to make the delivery in optimal conditions and to improve the products and services we offer to you.

Shopping via www.e-redus.ro in another person’s name

The www.e-redus.ro website gives you the possibility to order products and services in another person’s name, other than yourself, gifts for example. SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL will not provide information about that person and will not use the information you provide about that person for any other person than:

  • To send the order and to confirm the delivery;

  • If the law requires this information or to comply with a court’s order or for legal trials;

  • To answer the requests concerning your messages violating the rights of third parties;

  • To protect the intellectual property rights of SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL.

Protecting children’s privacy

The www.e-redus.ro website has not been created to be used by children under the age of 18 and we do not knowingly collect information about them.

Online registration

Registration is an optional service made available by our website. It is not necessary to register in order to search for products or to buy online. When you register you are being asked to provide personal information such as: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, a password and your areas of interest, as a bonus. Your registered information can be used in order to improve online shipping, to make it quicker and easier.

Call Center

If you contact us to help you with a product, a legal question concerning the bill or other service we offer – you will be asked to provide information, these will help us to promptly answer your questions, information like name, address, a phone number where we could reach you. We might keep this information to assist you in the future.

Privacy Preferences

The Privacy Preferences you have chosen can be modified at any moment, online, on our website, for example you could chose not to receive promotional materials via e-mail, phone number or post office.

Other ways to use personal information

SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL uses the personal information you provide to improve the products and services we offer you, to inform you about the special promotions and offers which might interest you and about the products and services which we make available. If you do not wish to receive such information any longer, please read the Privacy Preferences section of this document.

Contests and Surveys

If you participate in a contest or a survey organized by SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL we might ask you your name, address, phone number or e-mail address to manage your participation in them. Also, it is possible to ask your permission that on the future we could send you information connected to www.e-redus.ro.

Access to personal information

You can access your personal information. If you are registered on www.builders.ro, you may access your account at any time, this way:

  1. Click on the “Log In” button on the upper side of the page;

  2. Click the “Edit Account” button in the upper side of the page.

For extra information about the way to access personal information, read the “How to Contact us” section of the Privacy and Security Policy.

Revealing personal information

SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL will not commercialize or rent your personal information without your prior consent, with the exceptions of the situation stipulated in this document.


If we are presented with a search warrant or any other type of legal investigation we must provide the personal information that are required from us. Also, it’s possible to divulge personal information in order to collect debts you have to us.

Selling the company

SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL reserves the right to transfer any information about you it holds if it is decided to be sold or transferred, part of it or its property to a third party.

Extra Information about our websites

When you visit our websites we gather the IP addresses from all our visitors and other information as solicited webpages, such as browsers, operating systems and the average time you spend on your websites, we do not use this information to check on you.

Cookies: our website uses a form of technology called “Cookies”. A cookie is a data element on which our website sends to the browser, which may then be stashed on your hard so that we can recognize you and the preferences you’ve set when you come back on the website. All our website’s pages on which you are solicited to log in or which are personalised , they ask you to accept cookies. You can set your browser to let you know when you receive cookies. In any case, if you decide not to accept cookies you limit the facilities we can offer you when you log into our website.

Following tags: our website uses the form of technology called ‘Following tags”. These following tags are used to help us optimize our website and adapt it to your needs and those of future users.

Security measures on our websites

When you place a new order on our websites, all the information of your order, including the credit-card number and the delivery address are transmitted through the internet, using the Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, technology. The SSL technology ensures that your browser transforms into code the information in your order before you transmit it to our secure servers. The SSL technology is designed to prevent someone else, with the exception of our website’s operators, of capturing and seeing your personal information.

Order-related information

The moment you place an order, the information are sent to us through a secure network, if your browser cannot take the level of security, you will not be able to order your product through our website. However, no kind of data transmitted on the internet can be guaranteed as 100% safe and SC Zapper Internet Corp. SRL cannot guarantee the security of the transmitting of your information on the internet and cannot be held responsible.


To make sure you have a high level of security, the online access to your personal information is protected by the password you choose. We recommend you not to reveal your person to any other person. You agree to respect the personal data of our other clients/users which you obtain through our website or through a communication transaction; which is why we grant you the right to use this information solely for: (a) communication which does not represent unsolicited commercial messages and (b) any other purpose for such a user chooses, but only after the purpose has been clearly stated.

We reserve the right to improve or modify this confidentiality statement at any time and as an answer to the changes brought about by the applicable confidentiality and data protection laws.

The present Privacy Policy can be changed at any time, in any way, with no prior notification and without completing any other formalities to the client/user. Any such modification will become available from the moment of its appearing in the content of the Privacy Policy.

How to contact us

If you wish to contact us you can do so:

  • By phone, at +40 725 373 387

  • By e-mail at contact@e-redus.ro

  • By post at Matei Voievod road, nr. 29, 2nd district, Bucharest