1. User Acceptance

By accessing and using the website www.e - , you accept, without limitation or qualification , these terms and acknowledge that any other agreements between you and S CKOCHLER AND KLUGER SRC, owner are replaced by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Copyright owns full and complete title to the files , photos and material published on the Website , and all intellectual property rights arising therefrom.You may not sell, redistribute or reproduce these materials , not to decompile or reverse engineer them .All trademarks and logos are owned by and you may not copy or use them in any way .

3. Terms of Use not guarantee that website , which is hosted servers or e -mails do not contain viruses or other potentially harmful character information .The user uses the website at your own risk , SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL being free from any liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by using or accessing / visiting the Website or as a result of using the information on the Website .Information published for this reality when their inclusion on the Website or update various pages of the Website not take responsibility for the quality of the offers posted on the Website.

4. Security

When using the Website you are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of data relating to access your account (username and password) and agree to assume full responsibility for the activities / actions of the Website with your account and password .If the confidentiality of data access has been compromised , you will immediately notify to block access to the account and will generate a new one as soon as. Making unauthorized operations as misuse , fraudulent use , improper access, modification, copying the information to their marketing , etc. blocking access to this Website will be punished according to law .

5 Acquiring vouchers

How to purchase a Voucher on : * Select Buy Offer button on the offer. * Select the desired number of vouchers being logged into your own account. * Enter your payee name and select the method of payment vouchers , then press forward * Acceptance of the contract of sale by is the acknowledgment by transmission voucher code by e- mail or delivery. * If after the expiration of sale required to obtain the minimum number of participants and have successfully registered your payment will send voucher via email .Also you will be able to view and your account on * Print voucher and used it to the appropriate partner .

6 Instructions on revocation

6.1.Right of revocation

If the user who bought a voucher wants to quit buying can do without penalty and without giving any reason within 10 days of receiving the voucher in writing (by email .SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL. User will return the money corresponding to the value of the voucher , within 30 days of receipt of the request and the user will void the voucher .After passing the above terms -of 10 days- user does not have the right to request a refund at , it no longer having any obligation to User.Period of 10 days is consistent with art .7 of Ordinance 130/2000 , and this can be read here . Returns should be addressed to . Vouchers purchased on SMS payment method can be revoked , but the value paid can not be refunded because of the structure of collaboration with those companies that provide this service.If the user wants to quit voucher in legal terms 10 days , he or she can provide loans of an amount equal to the payment made by SMS .This is the only way to cancel the vouchers purchased through this method of payment .

7 Duration of selling vouchers

Time sale of a Voucher is limited and determined by individually for each offer. After expiration buying is not possible .

8 Units completing the sale Voucher / Payment

8.1.If the offer does not obtain the minimum number of participants not conclude the contract of sale and any Voucher or your credit card account is debited.

8.2.Sale voucher shall be prepared only if could successfully registered your payment If you pay the first attempt fails (eg . Because the account specified does not exist, does not cover credit card number is wrong, orcredit is limited ) or selling Voucher is not achieved.

8.3.Payment from the customer is obtained only if the minimum number of participants.

9 Transmission Vocherelor / Voucher Rights Allocation

9.1.After buying successful, voucher is sent by email to the address you have chosen during the order procedure .Transmission Voucher is once payment is registered in our account .

9.2.All vouchers are provided with a distinct and unique identification code that we face in cashing Voucher partner list which has provided by is transmissible ( if the voucher does not specify other termsconditions).Duplication , editing or manipulation vouchers is not reserves the right in case of reasonable doubt multiplication not allowed to transmit stored data that partner and initiate legal proceedings .

9.3.If not stated otherwise , any partner Voucher can be used only once during a visit to the restaurant or store or to another event (or the purchase of another product ) .If the voucher amount is not fully consumed or the service is not fully used , unused difference is lost .Restitution is not possible.

9.4.If not stated otherwise , voucher does not confer the right to request services or acquisition of products at a certain time .We recommend , therefore, that when the service partner to agree individual .

9.5 .If the Voucher indicated a shelf life , it can be cashed in only partner in this shelf .If the client does not cash voucher within validity , it is considered lost.

10 Warranty / Liability not guarantee that collects Voucher partner , that provides services in this , if you previously presented the service .On such rare incident, make every effort to solve the problem . does not assume responsibility for the products or services acquired from partner required .Services mentioned in the respective partner Voucher is provided to the customer in the name and on their own , which is why not responding to the client for breach of obligations by the service partner .

10.3.If the collection voucher or service delivery problems occur , will try to find a solution.In this case , please send us an e-mail at or call us .

11. Notice to users

As a user , you understand and agree with the following responsibilities :
- To provide true , accurate and complete information about yourself so that the acquisition of vouchers can be
- To maintain and renew , where applicable , the registration data to keep it true , accurate and complete.
As a user , you assume the obligation to not do the following:
- Post material that contains viruses or other programs intended to destroy this system or any information that is part of this system;

- Publish copyrighted material , if you are the author or if you have permission to publish this material ;
- Publish obscene, defamatory , threatening or malicious by another user , person or entity , material or information prohibited by the laws in force;
- Post a picture or a statement that contrary to existing laws . users can send comments , notes, suggestions , ideas or comments on the content and structure of the website , may address questions as long as the content is not illegal, obscene , threatening, defamatory, thataffect privacy, intellectual property rights of or third parties and do not contain viruses , carries political / electoral commercial solicitation , chain letters , mass mailings or any form of spam.You may not use a false email address or impersonate another person or reserves the right , but not the obligation, to remove or edit such information transmitted .
If the purchase offer is by any other method than credit / debit card, the user will pay any other expenses related to the delivery voucher .

12. Trade Agreement

All vouchers printed from the Website or e- mail , or any other sites associated with SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL(collectively the " Vouchers " ) are promotional vouchers that may be purchased from participating merchants on for products or services at a discount to the current one.Placing an order for a Voucher from a Merchant through , make an offer to buy vouchers selected respecting the terms and conditions listed below , as well as the conditions mentioned in the presentation page of each offer .You need to create an account to purchase any voucher .This is required so we can provide voucher to be printed , to see what shopping you had in the past, to change your preferences , and to ensure the use of vouchers.
The voucher you buy from can be redeemed for goods and services by traders .Trader , not SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL, is the vendor vouchers and goods and services and is solely responsible for any voucher redemption purchased by you.SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL provides a voucher that can be redeemed only for the same goods or services from the merchant.

13 Additional terms and conditions for all vouchers provided by SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL

All vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions herein in acestii terms or conditions.Merchant / beneficiary is offering vouchers , sell goods or services to buy, SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL the ones who are providing their service delivery . By accessing and by accepting these terms and conditions , you depart SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL. Cand all its employees from any claim , liability , damage or injury caused by or in connection with any failure to Trader in connection with a Voucher or the services / goods provided.Traders vouchers are redeemed in full only once and can not be redeemed more than once .

14 Confidentiality

SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL respects and protects the privacy and the privacy of users of the Website .SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes the personal data you provide about yourself.Purpose of data collection is to provide users with information and services offered on the Website highest quality services and marketing services , advertising and publicity .

15 Review the Terms and Conditions

SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL, as author / owner / administrator of the website may at any time and without notice, revise these Terms and Conditions by updating them.You must comply with any and all such revisions and therefore you should visit this page of our website regularly for updated notifications to acknowledge .

16 Applicable law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and use of this Website shall be governed by the laws of Romania .Competent courts of Romania shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes that will arise from or be mean or be in connection with the Terms and Conditions and / or Website Content or disputes in which these Terms and Conditions and/ or this Website shall be considered facts relevant to this dispute .

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Privacy Policy "as is " applies to the website
We recognize and respect the importance of protecting the privacy of visitors to our website www.e - .
Data Protection and Personal Information
We need to collect certain personal details and / or company when you register or post an ad on us to help make the services available on our website .These may include name / name , address / location, phone number , email address and other basic information .
All this information will be kept using appropriate security measures to ensure the highest levels of security , integrity and confidentiality.
By registering your details on the web site , you consent to contact you by email , phone or mail , with relevant information on the services on our sites .
We do not sell nor rent data that helps identify a person , a third party .We can not ensure that your personal data will never be disclosed in ways other than those described in our Privacy Policy , and that due to the existing regulatory environment .For example ( without limiting the previously stated ) can be forced to disclose certain information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, or may be cases where a third party may intercept or access transmissions or illegal private conversations .

Data Protection

According to Law no .677/2001 protection regarding the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data , as amended and the Law.506/2004 on the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector , SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL, owner of www.e - be administered safely and only for specified purposes, personal information that you provide about yourself to inform you that the personal data you provide to us is processed in order to providethe optimal web services , services to supply goods and services, advertising services and advertising marketing and statistical services . When creating your account you can choose to receive information about products , services, events , etc.Our service offered by ticking the appropriate box on the account creation page .
SC KOCHLER AND KLUGER SRL third parties can send some of the data provided by you only specify the scope of the submission requirements and your prior consent , explicitly requested .
According to Law no .677/2001, have the right to access and modify the data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions and the right to go to court .However , you may object to the processing of your personal data and request deletion .You agree that deleting your personal data will be followed by deleting your account in the system and unable to access services .
To exercise these rights you can make a request in writing to your requirement , you then send it by post to the address written SC Kochler and Kluger SRL , str . Matthew Prince no.29 , Sector 2, Bucharest , marked ' For "or via email at
SC Kochler AND Kluger SRL is the operator of personal data entered in the register of personal data processing under no.29220 .

Technical Data

We reserve the right to collect technical data gives software such as Web browser or operating system you are using , with the aim to track site usage and to improve the service offered by our website .This information will not be used to identify you personally.
We may also place a " cookie" on your hard disk fFor help us identify you when you enter the website, so that your preferences can be stored and can be used for these purposes.You can remove those " cookie " in your computer anytime you choose to disable "cookies" through your browser settings internet .
Password .Contact Details
Except those mentioned in this section , you can not reveal your password to third parties nor share it with any third party.If you lose control of your password , and you lose control of your information you accept the consequences of your actions interpreted as the

You agree to the personal data of other clients / users that you obtain through our website or through a transaction or communication ;why we offer you the right to use such information only for : ( a) communications that are not unsolicited commercial messages , and ( b ) any other purpose that such user chooses , but only after clearly exhibited this purpose. We reserve the right to improve or modify this Privacy Statement at any time and in response to changes to the laws applicable privacy and data protection . This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time , in any way, without prior notice and without any other formalities to fulfill customers / users.Any such changes shall come into force upon its display contents Privacy Policy .